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Best Extensions For Marketing

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Do you know that you are as good as your tools? It simply means that as a digital marketer or analyst, you need tools to work. There is no doubt that the tools you use will measure your expertise, whether you like it or not. This is why some digital marketing tools have gained dominance over the years. One reason for this is that these tools have proved to be the best companions for the best marketers and analysts. So if you are planning to be the best, switching to these extensions is where you should start. This post will share with you a good number of essential extensions you can use to improve your marketing and analytics. But first, let us talk a bit about browsers.

It would help if you had browsers, no doubt. There are many browsers out there. While all appear to be the best at what they do, Google Chrome is getting more attention. This is the case when it comes to digital marketing and Google Analytics. Many analysts have argued that Chrome integrates your emails, analytics, and smartphone in one place. It also gives you the freedom to download as many extensions as you want. Marketers need extensions, a lot of them. Now you do not have to wonder why marketers are still sticking with Google Chrome.

Currently, Google Chrome is the most widely used browser across the world. There are many features this browser offers that say why it enjoys such massive popularity, but let us go straight into the reason for this post. A quick question for you; as a marketer, in all your knowledge and expertise on Google Analytics and digital marketing, what do you think extensions are for? It is easy. You are in the game already, so you have the answer. This is to prepare you for a long list of extensions that you may or may not know. With extensions working with your Chrome, you can increase your performance and productivity levels as a marketer and analyst.

While chrome extensions are generally downloaded and used to optimize your browsing experience, you need some particular ones for Google Analytics and digital marketing. The good news is you can effortlessly get tons of these digital marketing extensions on the chrome web stores. According to a report, Google now has over 11,500 extensions for marketers. So you may take a long time before you come across the best ones. Not to worry, that is why we made the post for sharing with you a list of essential extensions you can use to improve your marketing and analysis.

It is no news that Grammarly continues to dominate as far as writing and editing are concerned. This tool is designed to edit and improve your writing to a great extent. This extension works you're the content you upload on it and screens through every aspect like grammar, spelling, collocation, etc. You can paste your content directly, and you can upload the document or file. You may use the free version or upgrade to premium through subscription.

Marketers have found this tool to be handy. It is best for breaking down the traffic of your website and its performance on Google. Details of what you will get access to include backlinks, organic search, paid search, and a lot of information you can leverage to improve your website. You can also use this extension to take a peek into the competitor's site. You will acquire all the information you need very fast, and you can trust the system.

This is a special extension developed by GAannotations to improve Google Analytics for marketing experts. Annotations have always been a bit of an issue in Analytics, and this extension solves that problem. Experts and CEOs can use this extension to annotate their data. It helps them to automate events, track activities and actions that may affect their campaigns and website traffic. When GAannotations is enabled, it helps the team to add insights and observations into the reports, making it easier to map activities. The result of this is that the expert, CEO, or marketing team can gather more than enough insights and information on how to optimize their marketing and improve client experience. Currently, GAannotations extension is the best and only option for every marketer who wants to be informed of changes, events, activities, and actions that influence marketing. It makes annotations easier and more effective.

This is an SEO-enhancing tool. You can use it to view the details of SERPs on keywords, search volume for different keywords, and probable CPC for paid promotions.

This extension gives you access to website domain ranking, the number of backlinks, referrals, and other useful details. It details this information on a chart to help you understand better. You can use the extension to track and spy on the keywords of your competitors.

As the name implies, this extension helps you retrieve the email address, job titles, contacts, phone numbers, and social networks of any webpage that you visit.

This is not the looping app. This extension works with your emails. With it, you can time and schedule your emails. Marketing is all about timing. Scheduling emails helps you work effectively around the time you want to send emails.

Da Vinci Tools is a combination of powerful tools for enhanced digital marketing and Google analytics. If you do not have any technical skills whatsoever, Da Vinci Tools is for you. Since the combination of Supermetrics and Da Vinci Tools, the work of marketers and analysts has just become more effortless. You can get everything you need for digital marketing and Google analytics with Da Vince Tools.

You will need to create an account before using this extension. This extension helps you to edit your links and share them immediately to your networks. With it, you can also save content directly to your account. There are other functions this extension offers, like link shortening, domain branding, and overall customization. also helps you keep track of real-time statistics so you can know which marketing strategies work best for your business.

This extension is one of the easiest ways to share your content with your followers, fans, and social media networks. This is particularly easy to do as you navigate through different sites. With this extension, you can easily and conveniently manage your posts and schedules. You can also use it to track the analysis of your posts. For instance, real-time analytics on which posts have the best performance and engagements.

If you are looking to send pictures, links, and files with other devices to your family, friends, and colleagues at work, this extension works best. You can forward links, documents of all formats, and pictures on your computer to your phone or any other device easily without using email.

Tracking is an essential part of marketing. One of the things you will get from tracking is the chance to see what others, particularly your competitors, are doing. You can also get to track whoever (your competitors) is looking into you too. This extension gives you a peek into the invisible world of marketing. It shows pixels, trackers, beacons, and bugs on different pages. Interestingly, you can use it to track who is tracking you from Google or Facebook.

Being busy is not an overstatement for digital marketers. But it does not have to stop your workflow on the many tasks you run. So if you use a lot of tools for all projects you run, you need Push By Zapier. This tool integrates all the tools and apps you use to make it easy for you to perform different operations in just a little time. You can set various tasks and integrate the programs by setting up a push for the task. It will automatically perform every instruction you set for that particular task or program. It is very easy to use. You will love it.

This powerful extension helps you save the pages you visit and highlight the content or information of your interest. You can also write something on the highlighted information and reference it for use later. Diigo helps you collect a lot of information from different sources and put them into one place as you highlight the most crucial information. It is like a library for every marketer.

This is one interesting extension for every marketer and web user. Nimbus helps you capture a portion of the whole (if you want) of a webpage and save it into your Google Drive. It gets even better with the additional feature of being able to scroll as your screenshot the pages. So you can really capture the entire webpage. Nimbus also helps you edit the screenshot by including arrows, borders, and other things you might need to add.

This extension helps you address poor SEO. It shows SEO ranking factors for a webpage, text density, no-follow links, and make site comparisons. It is a quick reference tool for SEO enhancement.

You can easily check and improve your keywords with this extension. MozBar helps you with the breakdown of the details of meta and link data analysis on your website. If you are going for keyword optimization and overall evaluation of your website authority, this tool is ready for you.

Google itself develops this chrome extension. It is a potent tool that makes Google Analytics more productive and actionable. Page Analytics shows the details of internal links users click while navigating your website. It helps you gain better insights into user journeys and experiences.

This extension is also known as the web reputation plugin. It checks every website you visit and ensures they are secured and do not pose any security threats. Should there be any perceived threat, the extension will notify you. Avast Online Security keeps you safe from websites with a bad reputation.


These Google Chrome extensions should be more than enough for you to run effectively and improve your marketing and analysis. However, if you feel you need more, you can take a quick drive into the chrome web store to see for yourself the thousands of extensions that await you. Remember that marketing requires constant improvement, and you can only get better at it when you leverage powerful tools to optimize and increase your productivity. When you start to use these tools, you will realize how easy and convenient digital marketing can be. Those who use them are a step ahead and winning the battle of marketing. These are their secret weapons. Get yours now!


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