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Simplifying and Automating
Tracking of Actions and Events


Optimize your data analytics with automated annotations to enhance your marketing ROI

See why hundreds of companies choose GAannotations


Marketing Attribution

Finally, uncover all the causes of a visitor's touchpoints or performing a selected event on your site.
GAannotations provides a complete understanding of your full customer life cycle, from the reason of the first touchpoint to acquisition and retention, by bringing together data across performance and actions.

GAannotations API
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Annotations API
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Find clarity when you need it most.

Empower team members to discover insights hidden in your Google Data Studio reports, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI.


Add new Annotations Automatically for every new Ads Campaign you create, a Newsletter you Send, a New Version Release, and much more.

More than 4,000 apps are available.

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Remarketing Campaign
Annotations API
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Data Sources annotations

The Holidays, Google Algorithm Updates, a New Press Release, Black Friday, Website Blackouts... all of these things can affect your website traffic. Add them as automated annotations sources to get a better understanding of how they affect your business.

Notifications Alerts

Activate Notifications to receive alerts for holidays and retail marketing dates to make a better marketing plan. No need to worry if your site is online or not; you'll receive an SMS immediately after the system discovers an alert.

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Google analytics automation GAannotations

Understand your data, better and faster

How do you remember all the campaigns and improvements you made that affected ROI?


When something is occurring, the chronology is clear: it's happening now. But "Now" fades with the passing days, weeks, and months. How can you begin to measure the impact of any event on a website or mobile behavior if you can't remember when it happened? 🧐 

It's time to add the missing pieces to the puzzle! If there is one piece of data you want to see at a glance every time you log in to your analytics, are essential annotations.

Remarketing Campaign
Best Lead Generation analytics
Annotations API

Frequently asked questions

What does GAannotations do?

GAannotations shows you the activities that bring to the first touchpoint or event by automatically adding annotations to understand the impact of marketing campaigns, life events, holidays, development updates, news, and much more. You can display those insights in a Chrome extension, over Google Analytics charts, and Google Data Studio.

You have many ways to add annotations: 1- Add annotations via API 2- Add annotations via CSV 3- Add annotations manually 4- Integrate with tools 5- Automations

How do I install and use GAannotations Chrome extension?

Installing GAannotations for Chrome is super simple. Check the Getting Started page, or: 1. Create an account here 2. Then click here to download the extension and install it. 3. Once you have installed the browser add-on for Chrome, go to a Google Analytics report and click the GAannotations extension icon that shows up at the top right of your browser. If you do not see GAannotations icon, go to the Chrome extensions puzzle icon and click on "pin extension". 4. Login in the extension to your GAannotations account. 5. On Google analytics go to one of your Google Analytics report, click on any of the GAannotaions little red icons you see above the Google Analytics chart to see the annotations details.

I've installed the GAannotations extension but I don't see the annotations, how do I use it?

Anytime you go to one of your Google Analytics report, just make sure that the GAannotations extension for Chrome is activated. If it’s not, just activate it by clicking on the extension icon and Login.
If you Login already and don't see the annotations, just REFRESH your browser.

Check how to Getting Started

When you should use annotations?

Annotate any event that may positively or negatively influence user activity on your website traffic and KPIs. These events could be both internal and external, so annotations can come from different teams within your company or external events. Annotate events such as: - marketing campaigns - new code deployments - new product launches - website design changes - relevant content changes - pricing policies updates
- press release - website blackouts - newsletter launches - competitors activity - google algorithm updates
- wordpress core updates - changes in the tracking code - important industry developments - public holidays - general news - weather issues - and more...

Is working on lasted Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and also on Universal Analytics (UA)?

Yes it is, annotations for GA4 and UA are supported. You can also display your annotations list on Data Studio