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Automate annotations for social content and monitor your performance. Set up automations for each new post, paid campaign, or when you reach a goal.

automate annotations for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
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Automated annotations for smarter analytics

GAannotations empower your product and marketing teams to monitor business activities and identify performance trends. It automates tracking, saving time and optimizing budget use.

No credit card required

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Easy-to-use Chrome Extension that integrates with GA4

annotations for Ads, Analytics, Looker Studio

Take your annotation process to the next level. This upgrade fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle, ensuring you never miss annotating an important company activity. Bid farewell to the days of forgetting annotations due to tedious manual work.

Easily migrate old Universal Analytics annotations to GA4.

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Automatically monitor and contextualize your company social activities.

Keep track of your progress on social channels, observe the performance of your content through visual reports, and automate insights for every new post, goal achievement, or paid campaign.

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Streamline critical event tracking

Track Google updates, media mentions, holiday observances, website blackouts, search engine ranking positions, and any other factors that can impact your website traffic. Automated insights ensure that your data is fully contextualized and that crucial events are captured and logged.

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Add team members and share marketing activities with your colleagues

GAannotations allows you to easily create and manage a team, giving you the flexibility to add your colleagues as users and assign different levels of permissions to each team member.

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Integrate with popular apps

Integrate GAannotations with over 4000 apps via Zapier to automatically add annotations for each new Ads campaign created, email promotion sent, new website version released, and much more.

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Notifications for new annotations

Get notifications via SMS, Push, and Email

Our action alerts complement automated annotations by notifying you by email and SMS about key events that can impact your business. Get alerts about upcoming retail marketing dates, global holiday observances, Google and WordPress updates, and weather alerts so you can capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks. You’ll also be alerted immediately if your site is offline or down unexpectedly.

Like a Sticky Note on Your Analytics Charts

“When something is occurring, the chronology is clear: it’s happening now. “Now” steadily fades with the passing days, weeks, and months, quite harmlessly for most people. For Web analysts, however, this kind of oblivion can be fatal. How can we begin to measure the impact of any circumstance on website (or mobile app) behavior if we can’t remember when it happened?”

- Neil Patel, NP Digital 



Your analytics data is trying to tell you something. GAannotations’s suite of annotation tools provides critical context to your data charts that allow you to visualize what happened and when it happened so you can make better data-driven decisions.

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