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2023 Tutorial for Annotations Migration from Universal Analytics to GA4

Updated: May 15, 2023

Want to keep your UA annotations when you move to GA4?

Learn how to migrate UA Annotations into GA4 in 3 minutes:

To begin, copy your annotations from your Google Analytics (UA) account:

1- Open Google Analytics UA property

2- Go to Admin on the left side menu

3- Click "Annotations"

4- Copy the list (select/mark it and copy ctrl-c)

Now is the time to upload and display in GA4

5- Log into your GAannotations account.

6- In the annotations list page, Tap “CSV Upload” to proceed.

7: Download the sample CSV excel sheet to copy your annotation list into it.

8- Paste the annotations from UA (from step 4) into the sample CSV file

9- Select your GA property linked to this list of annotations and click "Upload and Preview"

10- Map the columns

11- If there is an error, fix the highlighted fields and continue until everything is in order.

12- Once you click "Submit," your list of annotations will be uploaded.

13- If you still don't have the GAannotations Extension installed, download the Chrome Extension and login

14- Go to your GA4 account and click on the dots over the GA4 charts

Now, you have successfully transferred your annotation data from UA into your GA4 property.

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