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What are WordPress Updates and How Can You Monitor Them?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Like any other software, WordPress requires changes to satisfy users’ expectations and keep up excellent performance. Sometimes, the changes could be an introduction of extra features or a bug fixer. Regardless of the case, users can never tell how significantly a WordPress update can influence their site’s performance. Also, it could give your competition an edge in terms of SEO performance and site ranking.

For these reasons, WordPress updates are crucial to marketers and site owners. However, it is possible not to be aware of when a new update is available. This could be due to your busy schedule or checking for updates in recent times. To avoid missing out on any WordPress updates, savvy site managers, owners, and marketers use various tools to keep themselves up to date. If you would like to learn more about the various WordPress updates and the best tools to track them, here is an enlightening article for you.

What are WordPress Updates?

As a free, open-source content management system (CMS), users have significant capacity to modify WordPress software without charges. To assist in modifications, easy use, and great performance, the community of developers often introduce new change. These changes may add value to the security standard, add new and exciting features or improve the speed of your website. In order not to miss out on such cool additions, users or WordPress managers often seek to learn the latest update and implement them as soon as possible.

Why should you monitor WordPress updates?

As stated earlier, WordPress updates may add different values to the CMS. These values are reasons why most site owners and managers track any new development to stay ahead in the SERP and SEO competition games. Learn more about the updates and why you should monitor them below:

Changes to functionalities

While changes to functionality are rare, it is important, especially if it is a major update. In other words, updated functionality may be minor or major. If it is a major change in functionality, it can affect the performance of your site. For instance, the introduction of the Gutenberg editor requires checking for compatibility issues with custom themes and plugins prior to implementing the update. Minor functionality changes hardly have any significant effect on WordPress but may add extra features to your site.

Security standard

With cybercrimes becoming prominent and fraudsters finding new ways to trick people, CMS developers are also working to raise security standards. Thus, a new WordPress update may be required for an additional layer of security. Also, security updates are usually released to protect the system against other web software or technologies that work with the system. Any vulnerability in such technologies may serve as a loophole to attack a WordPress site. So, updating the security standard may help plug such loopholes.

Bug solutions

In some cases, the codes may work incorrectly on a specific device or web browser. This is referred to as bugs. Although the bugs may not stop your site from working, they may require a minor fix. Contrarily, major solutions may be required for bugs that hamper the performance quality of the site. In this case, a major update is usually necessary to rework the CMS to rectify the situation. The reworking could be released as an update to WordPress. Thus, failure to implement the update may result in a poor experience on your end while your rivals keep making profits from their sales pages.

The best tool to monitor WordPress Update

GAannotations has developed an automation tool to monitor WordPress updates with ease. Using WordPress Updates is straightforward and updates in real-time. Users simply need to activate the automation tool to receive updates anytime the CMS developers release a security or maintenance update. Once a new release is available, it will be automatically annotated in your dashboard. In this way, you can make swift implementation. Users may also set the automation tool to show only releases in the previous year.

An additional tool to track WordPress Update

Aside from getting information about new WordPress updates, marketers and site managers also seek to learn about their impacts. The impacts of implemented updates are usually positive. However, in some cases, it may not be significant as initially expected. To determine the impact of changes due to WordPress updates, the WordPress plugin from GAannotations is highly recommended. The plugin enables users to track how every change has influenced the site’s performance.


Hopefully, you have understood the importance of WordPress updates and why it is important to monitor them. To get quick and genuine information about any new release, feel free to use the GAannotations WordPress Updates automation tool. Simply register, verify your account, and access to use the tool. Also, the WordPress plugin by GAannotations is a proven and effective tool to see how the newly implemented updates are impacting your site.

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