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September 2022 Google Core Update

On September 12, Google released the core updates for the month of September. After about two weeks, the product reviews update was also released. According to the internet giant, the latter will apply to English-language product reviews. Before the rollouts, website owners and content creators had been wondering what effect the new introductions from Google would have on their own page. This article contains all you need to know about the September 2022 Google Core Updates.

Introducing Core Updates from Google

For the sake of newbies to content creation and website management, Google core updates are “significant, broad changes” that the tech company applies to their “search algorithms and systems.” These could be the addition of new features, a new service, a console, or a fix. Usually, the updates are meant to improve the performance of good search and content relevance. Also, the changes are referred to as “core updates” because content creators and website owners may notice significant changes in the website's performance. In other words, some websites may experience a drop in ranking while others may experience a rise. However, a drop in ranking doesn’t necessarily mean that you have breached the Webmaster guidelines.

The Google Core Updates in September: What’s new?

Before mid-September, Google announced the release of core updates for the month and began the rollout at about 11:25 am ET. This update followed the completion of the Google Helpful Content update on 9th September 2022. While the rollout is ongoing, the tech giant decided to release another update on September 20, 2022. Below are the new developments being rolled out:

  • New HTTPS report in search console: Google claims to be gradually rolling out the HTTPS report in the search console. The new development is expected to take place over some months. With the new report, website owners and marketers can have insights about their “HTTPS pages on served on Search.” Additionally, the report will show the issues that limit pages from being served an HTTP, including sample links.

  • New Search Console Merchant Listings report: This new inclusion is expected to enhance rich product experiences for shoppers in search results. With the console, it is possible to implement structured data that can be harnessed in two ways. Firstly, the merchant listing experiences for web pages enable buyers to purchase goods on a site. Secondly, the product snippets will feature various information about products, including publishing product reviews, pages for selling products, etc.

  • High-quality product review update: Here is the most recent update from Google. This update will apply to English-language product reviews, and it’s expected to be completed within two weeks. While the intricate details are yet to be known, Google encourages website owners and marketers to publish high-quality product reviews to help shoppers know more about a product before purchase.

Possible Impacts for Website Owners, Marketers, and Buyers: What to expect?

After the commencement of the roll-up, there has been noticeable rank volatility, as reported by SEMRush. However, the changes are relatively less significant than the rank volatility after implementing the May core updates. Hence, marketers and website owners may not notice a major drop or rise in their rankings due to the new developments.

As for online shoppers, the purchase experience may get easier in the future as the core updates center on consoles that can boost purchasing experience and sales experience. For instance, eCommerce store owners may focus more on publishing reviews about their products that can better inform buyers in deciding whether to purchase. Overall, website owners are encouraged to keep delivering genuine and informative content, regardless of the impacts on their sites.

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