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GA Annotations for your Apple Podcast: New Tool to Track Any Changes

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

As the year rolls on, the dynamics of online marketing change, and it is important to ride the tides. Otherwise, you will be left behind. In recent years, podcast marketing has come into the frame. Based on current performance, it seems likely to stay for a very long time. So, what do you do?

All you have to do is what any progressive-minded marketer, CEO, or campaign manager would do – join the bandwagon but have the right tool. Using Apple podcast ads help reach a target audience, create brand awareness, and drive traffic to your page.

However, close monitoring of your podcast marketing is integral to its success. And this is why you need the right tool to make it work. One of the most important tools you should have in your marketing armory is an automated tracking system. This helps monitor any changes made in your data analytics and keeps the record for future use.

To achieve such an objective, GAannotations has made annotating Apple podcasts events and changes easy by developing the Apple Podcast automation tool. To know more about the tracking algorithm and how marketers harness its power, read on.

GA annotations for Apple Podcast: What’s the new automation about?

The sophisticated tool is a simple-to-use monitoring system that keeps records of your podcast ads performance and notes any changes. Users can use the tool to monitor their own podcasts or a successful podcast from a competitor. This way, you have background information on what to change in your podcast marketing approach.

To use the Apple podcast automation tool, you only need to register on the Crystal Ball insight platform. You may choose to check out the demo to test the water. Afterward, you can subscribe to a suitable package, depending on your needs. In this way, you will have more credits to add more links.

What does Apple Podcast Automation offer?

  • Track podcast campaign ads in real-time

  • Monitor competitor’s podcast ads performance

  • Track conversions, likes, and visits on Podcast ad

  • Get campaign ads performance data on a single dashboard

How do you get started with Apple Podcast automation?

This is easy. First off, you need to visit the GAannotations website and register with your email or Gmail. After verifying your details with the link sent to your mail, you can log in using your personalized details. As a new member, you may try out the demo or get started by subscribing to a perfect plan for yourself.

Now, proceed to your dashboard and click on “Automations.” It is important to activate the “Apple Podcast” tool to get started. From there, you can add a new podcast via two approaches: Keyword search or podcast link. Any of the options work perfectly. Now, checklist the create option to annotate the podcast on your “All annotations” page. From the page, you can see the changes and properties of the added podcast event.

How does the Apple Podcast tool help your online business?

With the Google Analytics annotation tool, you can track podcast campaign performance in real time. The same approach can be applied to the successful competitors that you want to emulate. Using automation to track events such as conversions, likes and visits also mean you get to see all the data from a single dashboard. Also, you can add multiple podcasts, depending on the number of your credits. This saves you time and money to work on different platforms.

Bottom line

Apple podcast automation serves as an annotation tool to change and improve your podcast marketing and performance. Also, using GAannotations means you get access to other automation tools for marketing, such as Google Updates, website monitoring, rank tracking, weather alerts, retail marketing dates, etc., in a single plan. This boosts marketing efforts and revenues in the short and long term.

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